Sunday, October 30, 2005

After-dinner mints :)

In case you missed it :)
  1. Maclean's: What a tool: The sad, sorry life of Canadian Tire Guy (thanks to my sister for the link)
  2. The Worst Jobs in Science: Ok, collecting pee is no fun but check out the NASA ballerina (save the .mpeg from the PopSci webpage; I don't care what that guy says...that phallic robot belongs in a Kubrick movie); thanks to my husband for the link (I think?)
  3. Bill Maher: with Helen Thomas of the White House press-corps; "Bill Maher, Attorney at Law" commercial
  4. So you're goin to Mars, eh? Don't expect to have sex in space!
  5. SNL: "Cheney" on Scooter; Harriet says a boozy farewell :)
  6. BBC Satirical News Quiz-show
  7. Still no Colbert in Canada! Gotta go to the Comedy Central page to get your fix (and bear with "US Army" recruiting commercials! How tone-deaf is that?). Sign the petition to bring Colbert North; we're only at 288!


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