Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thar she blogs

Finally...a blog thing. I'm sure I'm only the first (billionth?) person to think of doing this. Seriously, I was reluctant to start a blog, particularly given my undisciplined/spotty posting at livejournal (yeah, that lasted all of a few self-conscious & awkward posts). I think I had a hard time getting my head around expecting people to read my posts (PS: I didn't/don't!). In the end, it's just important to have a place to post thoughts, references &c so that I'm not constantly emailing my friends and family with crap they might never want to read. Obviously, I can't seem to curtail my compulsions to share these things so why not put them in one central place and give ol' email a wee-rest? This way, said friends/family can check-in when they feel like it. Yeah, that's the ticket. How's that for a hearty welcome-to-my-blog? "Welcome (to crap you may/may not want to read)!"


Blogger Susan James said...

Now yer talkin.
Great blog and thanks for sharing the news in a great new and witty kitty way.

10/05/2005 10:57 PM  

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