Friday, November 18, 2005

Warm relations :)

Whatever you think of our PM, you gotta appreciate this:
"You cannot have free trade where one partner to a free-trade agreement -- when a decision goes against them -- simply says we're going to ignore it," Mr. Martin told reporters after the meeting. "We're not going to have free trade of the Americas if that's the precedent that's been established. We're not going to have free-trade throughout the Asia-Pacific if that's what occurs."
[...] Mr. Martin said the U.S. is undermining its own interests if its aim is to have liberalized trade with the rest of the world. "People are going to look askance at those agreements if, once signed, are not honoured," he said.
On having relations with the US (!!):
"If a friendship depends on always agreeing or if a friendship depends upon you simply saying to somebody else 'ready-aye-ready' when in fact you fundamentally disagree, then I don't think it's much of a friendship," he said.
As Marge Simpson said of Australia: "You'll just have to find some other country to have relations with." Finally--here's my favourite--Martin's comments on global warming (CP/Toronto Star):
"If anyone has any doubt about climate change I would simply ask them to go to the Canadian Arctic (to see the melting ice)," Martin told a news conference. [...] Canadian officials did not explain how Bush reacted to the softwood scolding. But they relayed the president's response to Martin's warning on climate change: "We disagree."


Blogger AL said...

Although I totally agree with Pauly on these issues, don't you find it funny that before the election rumours were swirling, he wouldn't say a damn thing about these issues. I know its all pre-election bravado...but you're least he's saying it.


11/19/2005 8:26 PM  
Blogger Godammitkitty said...

Yep, I'm sure you're right about the election-timing. I don't really care why Martin's finally speaking out--just glad that it's finally happening. I confess to being a total sucker for anti-W campaign rhetoric; it just has the extra-bonus of being true :) Cheers!

11/20/2005 2:34 PM  

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