Saturday, September 02, 2006

My lost week

Wow, what a delinquent blogger I've been this week. I've been drowning at work and kind of distracted by my "real" job :) Also, our DSL was down for almost 2 days (the horror!).

Still, I have loads I've been wanting to get off my chest this week, so I promise to post more soon. I've stored a bunch of news items/links on my page...just haven't had a spare moment to write about any of them!

Coming soon:
  • more on the "REAL" women attack on the Status of Women as well as some of my personal comments about the actual status of women in Canada. Thanks to Scott Tribe over at ProgBlogs for getting the ball rolling. There are some good ideas there--please check them out and add your 2 cents.
  • Canadian political-party conventions are creeping up: how will each party's positions solidify (or muddify) on Afghanistan? on Kyoto? on security ("terrah") concerns? Will we get a real voice or more hapless playactors, backbiting & sniping each other to the centre/right?
  • recent updates on GTMO and the secret 'archipelago' of prisons housing ghost-detainees around the world. Harper's Sept 2006 issue has an eye-opening piece that I'd like to discuss ("American Gulags"); it's subscription only but you can catch a quick summary over at Mahablog.
  • DR Congo's recent elections and some disturbing IMF-meddling and Canadian profiteering in that region (hint: copper!)
  • more contracts from Rumsfeld's PR dept: remember the Lincoln Group? The Rendon Group? Willem Marx, an ex-Lincoln Grp. flack, reveals all in his piece "Misinformation Intern: My summer as a military propagandist in Iraq" (Harper's Sept 2006).


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