Monday, February 04, 2008

Wherein Matalin realizes she has to back McCain

...and Kitty remembers why she stopped watching Meet the Press:
Republican Mary Matalin, right; Democrat James Carville, left, MTP, Feb 3

Mary is having a tough time these days. The former Cheney adviser and Republican 'strategist' has had a lotta bad luck, lately. Not "hey! I'm stuck in GTMO without access to a lawyer!" bad luck, but still: the woman's had better days.

I think the last time I saw Mary, she was heading up the "I'm with Fred!" campaign. Yeah. Even Fred's not with Fred anymore...

So what's going on in this picture? Matalin's listening to her husband, James Carville:
MR. CARVILLE: In 2004, we were sure there were three powerful pillars of the Republican Party: the right wing preachers, the nutty supply siders and talk radio, OK? It--McCain has vanquished all three. All of them had no influence in this election. McCain has said that he definitely was not on the right wing preachers, he's definitely not a supply sider and right wing talk radio can't stand John McCain. And now they have to deal with him. That's the, that's the reality.
...and the penny? She dropped.

Poor Matalin realized that she would have to back John McCain in the General Election! Aaaaaaaaah!

And poor kitty realized that she had lost an entire hour of her Sunday.

Seriously, for a GOOD take on what's wrong with American horse-race coverage, see media-prof, Jay Rosen. Please! Go Now! Save yourselves!

Photo credit: ME! This is old school, yo. I was watching teevee, paused it, and snapped it with my ancient digicam.


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