Monday, October 31, 2005

Mr. Floatie gets flushed

From this morning's TorStar: "Sewage activist wiped off B.C. ballot"
VICTORIA—When you're a two-metre tall human turd, who talks with a falsetto voice and wears a slightly tilted sailor's cap, you're used to turning heads, as well as stomachs. So James Skwarok, better known by the name of his character, Mr. Floatie, was certainly expecting to draw attention when he threw that cap into the ring in a bid to be mayor of Victoria. In fact, as leader of the campaign to get sewage treatment here, he counts on it to tell all who will listen that the City of Gardens uses the Pacific Ocean as its toilet.
But when earlier this month a stink was raised about Mr. Floatie's candidacy, it proved too much. City officials, correctly noting he's "a costume character," not a real person, and thereby ineligible, took him to court to get him off the ballot for the Nov. 19 election. It worked.
[...] [Denise Blackwell, a City of Langford councillor] "Any decision we make to do things differently will be based on science and not a knee-jerk reaction to somebody who's out there dancing around in a turd suit."
Awww :( That was good while it lasted, I guess. Footnote: you gotta see Mr. Floatie's website before it too gets the flush.


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