Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My date with Clinton on the Thames

...well, at the John Labatt Centre, anyway. Yes, I confess: I was one of those spoiled brats at the Clinton show in London, Monday night. My mom and I went together (her treat, thank God).

I promise to record some of my notes in this space as soon as I get some sleep. I took loads of notes--no small feat, I must hasten to add. I can't see in the dark and we were in the second-highest row in the stadium. I'm a bit afeared of heights and got a bit queasy looking down at my lap. My general impression was that Clinton sure gives a helluva speech. Crazy smart, very quick and comfortable with obscure facts & figures. Lots on climate change, lots on poverty, etc. High marks for his global warming section, for sure, but that was about as close to "progressive red-meat" as he threw our way. Luckily there were only some remarks on terrorism; I am so sick of hearing about terrorism.

Susan Ormiston (CBC) asked him some questions for about 20-30 min but I came away from the interview feeling really disappointed about all the things that went unasked. Ormiston did her best with the time she had, but I really felt the clock ticking away and thought, "oh no, you didn't ask him 'x' or push him about 'y.' "Stop asking about his wife, you're running out of time! Dude, he's totally getting away! Awww man, Peter MacKay is coming out. And he looks sad ... Hey, what's Pamela Wallin doing here?"


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