Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday video fun

Loads of great stuff out there today, just in time for the week-end:
  1. "Big-Box Mart": Jay Leno played the latest "JibJab" cartoon last night (Quicktime)
  2. This is CNN...N? (yep, that's 3 Ns): Texans support war with the hottest new 'stan (WMP format). I think these guys are Aussies. I just luuurve the chyron monkey! I'm a sucker for the monkeys.
  3. Train-wreck in three acts, by the clip-gods at One Good Move. Act I: Coaching the soldiers; Act II: Deflecting the press corps. You gotta check out the look on CBS's John Roberts! Man, I remember him when he was just the mullet-headed host of Toronto Rocks :). And finally, Act III: Post-mortem (all "Acts" are in Quicktime format & culled from Olbermann's "Countdown").
  4. Is it Indictment-Eve already? Tweety discusses Turd-Blossom's fate with WaPo's Jim VandeHei and NBC/Alan-Greenspan's-wife Andrea Mitchell (Real-player only)
  5. Have you ordered your Security Checkpoint Playmobil? Ok, ok, not a video but you gotta love it :) (tip to the Majority Report Radio blog).
As usual, thanks to the amazing people at One Good Move, Crooks & Liars & Dissent for the video-hookups. Show'm some love & pay them a visit. Links on the right-hand side of this blog (Watch Video).


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