Wednesday, October 05, 2005


What's with all the flu-talk? All flu, all the time?

I don't really think it's that strange that T.O. got hit with a nursing home outbreak; those pubhealth guys are super-sensitized and ready to spring into action, post-SARS. You don't think this kinda thing happens in a bunch of cities, a bunch of times every year? We're only getting plastered with coverage 'cause it's particularly virulent and it's coinciding with the recent "1918 Spanish Flu" reconstruction news.

Yes, a pandemic will prolly happen again, and we're prolly "due" but jeebus. Why shove all your pubhealth news coverage into one 24 h cycle; hows aboot doling it out on a more regular, measured basis so that it might actually sink-in as a basal concern. Honestly, you know TV news is f'd when you see the same footage from 1995's "Outbreak" over, and over again. Leave Dustin Hoffman outta this.


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