Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is/isn't he *on*?!

Seriously, somebody should look into what Dubya is/isn't taking. One minute he's doing this bizarre jaw-clench thing and the next, he's a f'g whiny & tired ol' man. Tuesday morning's press conference was mostly full of the tired droopy-drawers variety. And what's with the excessive smiling when asked about deaths & stuff?! That's messed up.

Oh, and I was particularly irritated at how he perked right up when asked about Supreme Court Justices "protecting executive privilege." He loooooooves him some of that sweet, sweet executive privilege.

The hilarious Wonkette did the honours of "liveblogging" the presser. Here's a small snippet culled from her post:

10:33 AM Seriously: What's up with the Bela Lugosi cadences? He smirked about recognizing "government limitations," though -- oh, because the "private sector" is the "engine" that will drive recovery in the Gulf Coast. Hey, between eliminating environmental regs and private school vouchers, the private sector is the engine and the government is thing in the middle of the road that gets run over.
10:37 AM The Patriot Act will expire but terrorist threats wont! good one there, prez. Funny. But I'm so distracted by how he's about to take a nap.
10:42 AM "I don't want to put someone on the bench who is this way today and then changes." Translation: I would prefer that no one grow intellectually or change their minds ever about anything. Especially about how awesome I am.


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