Thursday, October 06, 2005

Twitchy McGee

I knew it!

So I'm not going crazy: Harry Shearer noticed it too. That crazy jaw-clench/twitch/smirk thing that Dubya seems to cycle through each public appearance. Harry-of-TheSimpsons-fame even provides us with some video evidence.

Bob Cesca (also, HuffPost) thinks he first noticed it during the 2nd presidential debates, last fall. I think we remember that one. That was the fake-townhall deal, where W leapt off his stool and gnashed his teeth at Kerry over stuff like "I will not have a litmus test" (judges) and "I have a timber company?" and---my personal fave---when he f'g lurched out at Charlie Gibson (moderator).

PS: this 2nd debate performance generated a real tidal wave of speculation about Bush's general health and well-being. It was particularly bad timing, given that W had skipped/postponed his mandatory physical evaluation. This lead to at least one very interesting diary over at dailykos. Most interesting bit of speculation re: twitchiness? " Managed tardive dyskinesia due to overexposure to neuroleptic drugs is another possible (related) diagnosis."


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