Wednesday, October 05, 2005

When 'The Onion' isn't satire anymore

Honestly, I know this avian flu thing is very, very worrisome, but c'mon...

you can't tell me this headline isn't funny:

Bush Declares War on Bird Flu

Update (Oct 5, 2:30 PM): Awww...the Globe changed their headline to "Bush says military would be used to contain avian flu"....spoilsports :(

BTW, according to Science magazine (subsription only; here's the lay summary), it turns out that the much-cuter-sounding "dog flu" appears to have originated in horses.

Again, I know these flu things aren't funny but dog flu?! I can't help picturing an adorable lab with a cartoon ice-pack on his head. That, and it's evocative of that hilarious Seinfeld "Smuckers" episode :)


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