Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just like mother's milk

Yecchh...I mean, 'Yak' :)
Just catching up on Dan Froomkin's blog on the WaPo site when I noticed this:
Christopher Cooper writes in the Wall Street Journal: "President Bush once again touted his war policy, hailing the 'stunning transformation' of Iraq. Nearly as stunning was an overseas audience that offered not a single catcall -- and instead broke into the kind of rhythmic applause often heard at rock concerts. . . .
"Mr. Bush wasn't able to avoid was a sip of the local specialty -- fermented mare's milk -- even though he's a teetotaler."
Incidentally, according to the Web site, fermented mare's milk has an alcoholic content of about three percent.
Man, that's a long way from the guy who didn't even have a passport until he was president; who's appreciation for foreign culture was limited to doin' shooters at Senor Frog's down in Cabo St. Lucas. [And yes, my source for that is David Cross :)]


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