Friday, December 16, 2005

Queer Eye Debate edition

Ok, I admit it...I was really bored by Thursday's debate. I don't think it was bad...just underwhelming. Nobody really made any news--for good or for ill--but it was nice to actually hear what they were saying. No yapping over each other or heated four-ways (I think the latter is still legal, btw).

Her royal ADDness remarked on the following...
  • Paul Martin: WTF was up with his hand gestures? Was he landing planes? Semaphore? Very weird.
  • Harper's clearly trying to learn Canada's "second" national language (word to the wise: don't call it our 2nd language) but he still didn't understand two of the questions. Layton went way overtime on two questions ("Mr. Layton, you know the rules"--that was very school marm'ish of the moderator). Layton appeared very at ease en francais. Much better than Alexa ever was, that's fer dern sure. Martin didn't stammer as much as he usually does (he's brutal with that in both languages). Overall, the three anglos seemed to do alright with the French.
  • Jack Layton and Stephen Harper arrived sporting (nearly) identical ties. Harper seemed more coiffed and loose than his usual helmet-headed self. Did someone send Carson Kressley over for a little pre-debate jujjing? Still a long way to go, however...something tells me Kyan would disapprove of all that "product" in your hair, Stephen. I recommend you podcast their weekly tips. And maybe get some hipster Ted glasses for good measure. [Ted's my fave, BTW & PS]
  • Layton definitely had the best response to the same-sex marriage question. I was a bit worried he'd go overboard with the personal anecdote stuff but it actualy worked for him. Very genuine and still got his points across to boot. Ditto for his response to homelessness.
  • Duceppe was big on the "punish the Liberals" line. I think he said the word punish 3 or 4 separate times. Again, AFAIK that's still legal :)
  • The Harper tax-cuts for the homeless shit would have been laugh-oot-loud funny if it wasn't so unfunny. Newsflash: hard to get jobs without address+phone#, buddy.
  • Breaking: Stephen Harper loves his kids; promises 'Parental Love Accountability Act'
  • Interesting that Thursday wasn't the gang-bang Martin debate. Didn't seem like it, but perhaps it was just because of the non-interruptus format. Unlike 2004, Layton seemed calm and appeared to split his barbs 1/3 Harper, 2/3 Martin. Duceppe was all punish-Liberals all-the-time. Ditto Harper.
  • I might have missed it but I don't think Martin self-identified with his party the entire 2h. I can't remember hearing him say "Liberals" or "Liberal party" all night. I'll pay better attention Friday...
  • Who's had an assful of the promise-keeping BS? What else do you expect them to say in response to "do you swear to keep your promises?" Do you triple-dog dare them? Honest? Huh? Huh? Jeebus.


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