Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Robert Baer will take questions at 11AM

Ex-CIA spook Robert Baer will be taking questions online at the WaPo's discussion site. The film Syriana is based on his first book, See No Evil (movie trailer here). You can also catch Baer on last night's MSNBC/Hardball, thanks to

I think I first saw Robert Baer in the French documentary, "The World According to Bush" (aka Le Monde Selon Bush), which aired on The Passionate Eye, last year. They'll probably run it again on Newsworld but, if you can't wait, you can view it online at Information Clearinghouse. My favourite part of the documentary is when Carlyle's Frank Carlucci (former Sec.Def./director CIA) denies that he had any role in getting a defense contractor fired; he makes the denial and then veeeeery sloooooowly--and without averting his gaze from the camera--he takes a sip of water. It's the most evil "sip" I've ever seen outside of a cartoon or soap opera :)


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