Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sy Hersh makes the rounds

A couple days ago, I posted a few excerpts from Seymour Hersh's latest New Yorker piece, "Up in the Air." As always, it's a definite must-read! Well, since his article came out on Monday, Hersh has been busy making the radio & teevee rounds and really setting people straight on the current state of Iraq. Watch/listen to him deliver the goods: it's Hersh-a-palooza :)

Hersh's TV appearances:
  1. CNN's Late Edition: download video from Dissent or Crooks & Liars
  2. Hardball/MSNBC: from Dissent
  3. NBC's Today Show: from Crooks & Liars
Radio interviews:
  1. Nov 29, 2005 Majority Report Radio: mp3 available at AirAmericaPlace (~1/3 way)
  2. Nov 29, 2005 Democracy Now radio (transcript + download mp3 or video)
Of course I'd recommend reading/listening to the whole Democracy Now interview but I want to make sure I point out something you may not hear/read in Hersh's other interviews: at the end of Amy Goodman's interview, Hersh alludes to more secret prisons, aside from those currently under investigation in Eastern Europe (the prisons reported by WaPo's Dana Priest). Hersh was cagey about it but promised to report in-depth really soon:
[click "Read on, MacDuff!" to continue reading]
AMY GOODMAN: Last question, and that has to do with your last section of your piece on this composite American Special Forces team, known as the S.M.U., special mission unit, in Syria.
SEYMOUR HERSH: Well, there's more than one. There's many of them. You know, there's more than a handful of these units. Some are in Syria, some are other places. These are combined teams that have been set up, so not any one service isn’t involved. And I think, you know, obviously we think that this government believes that when it comes to a high-value target, you know, a potential al-Qaeda or believed al-Qaeda target, we can do anything we want anywhere in the world. And the world's our playpen. And I can tell you right now, inside the American intelligence community, and I’m talking about high up in the community, there's a great deal of concern about these kind of operations, because our troop go in and do what they do to people they think are Iraqis -- I mean, al-Qaeda. And it's very rough. And they don't clear it with either the State Department or the ambassador in the country or the C.I.A. chief of station. It's a formula for chaos. And it's going on now. And it's been going on for quite a while, many months. And it's a new sort of step-up in the war. And Congress? Do they want to know? I don't think so.
AMY GOODMAN: And the S.M.U.s, where else are they? The special mission units?
SEYMOUR HERSH: In places where we think there's – you know, certainly in Iraq, and other places in the world where we think they can do some good.
AMY GOODMAN: By the way, do you believe that the secret prisons are in Romania and Poland, as Human Rights Watch believes, that the Washington Post won't name, but exposed?
SEYMOUR HERSH: Well, Amy, I’m actually doing some more work on it. But I will tell you this, the C.I.A. prisons are there. There have been prisons, the C.I.A. has run prisons for many, many years around the world. And I’m sure terrible things happen. But that's actually not where the real game is. They're somewhere else.
SEYMOUR HERSH: Other places. I’m -- let me do my reporting, and I promise I’ll publish it, and I promise I’ll come and talk to you about it.


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