Monday, May 01, 2006

I can't believe it's not butter, Stephen

With the exception of CBC's "The Hour," I've seen nary a clip, blip or mention of Stephen Colbert's breathtakingly ballZy performance at the WH Correspondents' dinner. Oh yes: that's ballZ with a 'Zed' folks. And Stephen has them. Big ones.

Dan Froomkin--my personal favourite at it best:
With doppelganger comedian Steve Bridges alongside -- playing his inner self -- Bush poked gentle fun of his own mangling of the English language, his belligerence and his feelings about the media. Then Comedy Central satirist Stephen Colbert ripped those stitches out. [...] So was the biggest news of the night that Bush so effectively and humorously poked fun at himself? Or that a captive president -- and, to a lesser degree, the press corps -- had so sit and watch as they were subjected to devastating, vitriolic satire? Possibly because they themselves were targets, most reporters chose to downplay the Colbert part of the evening.
Enfin, the tribute: "Thank You Stephen Colbert" launched today! Replete with clips of the speech and a place to leave your thanks. Do it, Canada!

BTW, if you missed the 60 mins piece on Colbert, you can watch it here (courtesy of Crooks & Liars).


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