Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh it's *on* baby! goes live!

Woohoo! Pam and Audra have launched a site dedicated to preserving Status of Women Canada.
Go now! And tell your friends.

If you haven't been tagged yet for the meme, consider yourself a-tagg'd :) What has feminism done for you? If you're too shy or you don't have your own blog (yet), feel free to contribute anonymously to H&O. I still allow anonymous comments.

And my favourite satirical slogan so far? It has to be this one from April Reign:
It appears to be inspired by This Hour has 22 Mins (h/t to Scott Tribe).

Got any photos or art that you'd like to share with the gang? has a flickr page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site! It's on!
Figgers eh, those BBS and daddy says so sites thought we were beat.
Welcome to the 21st Century, Woman.

When we get a progressive Prime Minister next Spring, let's offer remedial help for all the Con(ned) women who seek it.

10/17/2006 2:16 AM  

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