Sunday, May 27, 2007

Torte Reform :)

Because this is too damn funny not to share:

"10 year legal battle over cake"
After a marathon legal battle that has lasted nearly ten years, a couple in the Philippines have finally lost in their attempt to sue a pastry shop because they didn't like their wedding cake.

The couple, Edgardo and Stephanie Abenina, claimed that the wedding cake (five tiers, in orange chiffon) was 'tawdry-orange' in colour and was leaning wonkily to the side.
Here comes the howler...
However, after almost a decade of legal wrangling, an appeal court has upheld an earlier ruling against their claim – pointing out that in the wedding photos, the cake appears to be fine, the couple were smiling while cutting it, and that it was partially eaten.
A-HA! Your Honour, let the record show that the bride was indeed smiling in the wedding photos and I have sworn affidavits from several guests indicating that the cake was, quote: "Fine," and "Tasty, even though I usually don't care for that much frosting."

h/t Kent Jones via The Rachel Maddow Show


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