Saturday, February 09, 2008

I've let y'all down *sniff*

Ok, that's a bit conceited, eh?

What I meant was: I totally neglected my Schreiber and Mukasey 'live' blogging duties this week. I was very busy when the House of Commons Ethics committee reconvened this week and, before I knew it, I'd already missed an entire day's worth of Norman Spector and Allan Rock testimony. For shame.

As luck would have it, CPAC is promising to re-air both its Feb 5 & 7 coverage on Sunday (12:30 PM and 2:30 PM EST). I will make an honest attempt to watch and je vais faire des notes. My apologies to the faithful readers who have come to my blog in search of those notes, only to find musty ol' coverage from 2007. I trust that you were able to get your Schreiber-fix elsewhere, e.g. Kady O'Malley's coverage on Feb 5 and 7, and, of course Impolitical's analysis.

And while I'm apologizing: I also missed the US House Judiciary committee's Feb 7th hearing on torture. Skdadl and I followed the Senate's latest hearing last week, but I totally abandoned her this Thursday, and left skdadl alone with Mukasey. Skdadl covered the HJC (beginning here, on this thread at BnR) and then posted about it at POGGE. Go! Read skdadl and watch those Youtubes. They will make your hair stand on end.

C-span has posted vids of the HJC proceedings, so I will try to catch up with that this weekend.

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Anonymous skdadl said...

The fashion report! I totally forgot the fashion report!

I got so immersed in the shifting sands of the Mukasey/Federalist Society mind that I forgot what really counts -- ties! The ties!

So I'll do that here and now. Man, I hate this tone-on-tone fad that has such a grip on Washington. Please, congresscritturs: watch Comey's Senate testimony again, and find some of those. Or a nice paisley. Or op art. Anything but puce on puce. Puh-leeze!

Great round-up, btw, Kitty. You did more work there than I've done all week. I haven't followed all of those, so now that you've found the links, I guess I have to go back and listen/watch. *trudge, trudge*

2/09/2008 8:09 AM  
Anonymous croghan27 said...

As I lept out of bed at the crack of 1:30 on Sunday I caught the end of the Spector of Spector and the beginning of the Rock.

Rock was introduced as one of the cardinal lawyers in Canada - I think the phrase was: "Well respected in Toronto legal circles."

He (Rock) went on the relate how the government allowed (the well known) "ly'in Brian" to feed them a story that was found to be completely false. They interveiwed Mulroney and accepted his story whole, as he had "occupied the PM's house for 8 years.".

This is a great lawyer? This great lawyer turned over $1.2 million to BM on his say so only with no checking? Eh? Huh? Some unknown RCMP functionary released the content of a letter so all the things BM lied about were accepted.

With Spector pointing out that Karlheinz Schreiber went smoothly from the PCs to the Liberals ( can you spell Lalonde?)it took Martin and Mulcair to point out that members of both parties are playing cover-up for past sins of fellow party members.

Martin captured the moment when he said, about the more than a million + paid by Rock (for the government in the very badly handled episode) to Mulroney: "I want the money back."

I want the money back and I want to know how this could have happened? That is what these gyus are paid for - and they blew it. A simple look at Mulroney's claims would not have been too much. Would it have escaped Clair Hoy, a conservative hack, Stevie Cameron, or Seymore Hersh from the US?

2/10/2008 9:31 PM  

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