Monday, October 24, 2005

Task Force Onion :)

You can't make this stuff up: the NY Times is reporting that the U.S. President's counsel has admonished the satirical newspaper, The Onion, for using President Bush's picture & official insignia on its site:
The newspaper regularly produces a parody of President Bush's weekly radio address on its Web site (, where it has a picture of President Bush and the official insignia.
[...] Citing the United States Code, Mr. Dixton wrote that the seal "is not to be used in connection with commercial ventures or products in any way that suggests presidential support or endorsement." Exceptions may be made, he noted, but The Onion had never applied for such an exception.
[...] "It is inconceivable that anyone would think that, by using the seal, The Onion intends to 'convey... sponsorship or approval' by the president," wrote Rochelle H. Klaskin, the paper's lawyer, who went on to note that a headline in the current issue made the point: "Bush to Appoint Someone to Be in Charge of Country."
Thanks to the Rachel Maddow show's blog for the link :)


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