Saturday, October 22, 2005

That's Jeebus in your Joe

From today's Guardian:
"Starbucks has printed 63 quotes from writers, performers, academics and politicians on its cups over the past year as part of a campaign called The Way I See It."
The latest? A religious quote from the Rev Rick Warren ("The Purpose-Driven Life"). I won't reprint it here, 'cause I don't want to wind up in anybody's google prayerlist :) It suffices to say that it was very...uh...preachy. You might say that it's enough to 'put you off your tea.'

Now, if you have to listen to a Reverend, listen to "Reverend" Billy of the "Church of Stop Shopping," the hilarious & charismatic anti-consumerism/ anti-sweatshop activist. I first heard of him on Majority Report radio last summer. He was chastising Janeane Garofalo for her Starbucks and made her promise not to drink it for at least 4 months :) As somebody who can't keep her boycotts straight anymore (getting old), I can totally sympathize with Janeane. That said, we all know Billy's right and I'm glad he's working his creative mojo to silence the Siren Starbucks. Chef also recommends:
  1. Deadprogrammer's Cafe (funny): How the Starbucks siren lost her boobs
  2. will help you find an alternative coffee shop in your area
  3. Get some info on fair-trade joe at


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