Sunday, October 23, 2005

One of these things is not like the others...

Prof. Juan Cole sets us straight (again) today in his post, "The Great Iran Crock, Blair and AEI." --OR-- Southern Iraq has two Mommies. Er...Hizbullahs. This I did not know: one Iraqi 'Hizbullah' is a sub-group of the Shi'ite SCIRI ('Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq'); the second 'Hizbullah' is also comprised of indigenous Iraqis but it's primarily "a vehicle for the organization of the Marsh Arabs," lead by an elected Member of Parliament. Prof. Cole figures that the neocon American Enterprise Institute and Tony Blair's Min. Defense are trying to "hang violence in Iraq on Iran and the Lebanese Hizbullah." Although they're ideological allies, they're not the same Hizbullahs. Blair is certainly doing his part to muddy the waters. Let's hope our American and British friends don't get punked (again). I sure didn't know the diff.


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