Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tonight's Frontline: Must watch!

Tonight's PBS Frontline presents a 90 min documentary called "The Torture Question" (let's hope the "answer" is uh...NO!!). Be sure to visit the PBS page to watch a preview of the doc in Windows Media or Realplayer format. I know it airs at 9pm on our nearest PBS affiliate, but you'll have to double-check the listings in your area.

Then, go read one of Mark Danner's many articles on the subject. Along with the ACLU and Amnesty, and the International Red Cross (ICRC), Danner has been at the forefront of publishing the ugly truth about the "forever war". I would particularly urge you to read his piece in last year's New York Review of Books. Danner cites damning evidence from both The Taguba Report and the Report of the ICRC on the treatment of prisoners in Iraq.


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