Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Time mag. reporter testifies--Rove in more trouble?

Viveca Novak, a Time magazine reporter, has testified before the CIA leak grand jury. This is the 2nd Time mag reporter to testify regarding chief WH aide Karl Rove and his role in the leak of a CIA agent's secret identity. Novak was asked to testify about her conversations with Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin. Time says that Viveca Novak is cooperating with the prosecutor. Viveca is not related to Robert "prince of darkness" Novak--the man who actually printed the CIA agent's identity in July 2003.

In other CIA leak 'news,' Harry Shearer has outdone himself: the longtime voice of the Simpsons put on quite the performance last week! Shearer has a regular radio show on KCRW called "Le Show." Towards the end of his Nov 20th show, Shearer played both Larry King & Bob Woodward in a special "Preview" of the actual CNN interview that aired on the 21st. I would hasten to add that Shearer's version was far more illuminating than the actual King/Woody interview :)


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