Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Harper: Dryden is soft on fingerpainters

Ok, I joke...Harper didn't say that. But he might :) Harper is the gift that keeps on giving, in this regard: humourless, angry, and so uncomfortable around people that it's a wonder he got into politics at all.

Case in point: the kiddies. Politicians can't resist being photographed with the l'il ones. How many times have we seen Martin (and lately, Dryden) sitting down with classfulls of children. It's a nobrainer photo-op: the contrast of the 50-something guy in a suit sitting cross-legged on the floor, and getting mobbed by giggly children. The politico is inevitably giggly too and *snap* you've got yerself a "policy" for childcare/daycare.

Now, of course the Grits are trotting out the ex-NHL'er, Ken Dryden, to advertise "new" money for childcare. We can debate the merits & opportunism of this another time. What really caught my eye was this: there was a quick bit of footage last night on The National of Dryden visiting a classroom full of children and he looked...happy. I know, I know, 'big fucking deal,' right? Well, it reminded me of David Olive's devastating June 2005 profile of Stephen Harper:
Alarmed by the positive poll readings Martin garnered recently from his encounters with pre-voting-age Canadians who appear to enjoy the Prime Minister's company, Harper's handlers arranged a photo-op of their own at a Wallaceburg, Ont., rehab centre for children.
But the Tory leader was miscast for the assignment. He watched silently, not knowing what to say to these kids. Until, that is, one of the finger-painting toddlers leaned toward his tailored suit.
"Don't touch me," Harper said.
Harper: He's God's (or Calgary's) Angry Man.


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