Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wallace: Karl Rove doesn't Care about White People

Check out this odd exchange on Larry King:
KING: [...] Incredible with this incredible career that you have never interviewed George W. Bush.
WALLACE: That's correct. I've never met him.
KING: How come? Never met him.
WALLACE: Karl Rove told me when he was governor of Texas, I went down there to do a piece on tort reform. And Rove made up his mind that we were on the wrong side of that issue. And he said, Mr. Wallace -- I didn't know him then. He said, Mr. Wallace, you are not going to talk to the governor. I said, what do you mean? He said, we know that your mind is made up, so we won't let you talk to him.
OK. So we did the piece anyway. And what happened then was when he came to the White House, I figured well, come on. The time has come. I mean, I've talked to every president since Abe Lincoln, so -- and every first lady since Martha Washington, [Morley] Safer reminds me from time to time. But seriously, he just said forget it. You're not going to talk to him.
And I have never met -- forget talked to -- I've never met George W. Bush.
KING: Did Rove give a reason after -- forget the tort reform an governor, did he give you a reason after he was president that you couldn't interview him?
WALLACE: Karl Rove doesn't like me.
KING: Because?
WALLACE: Who the dickens knows. Who knows? I have no idea why. Well, you know that this is the tightest White House going as far as really talking candidly is concerned. And the most secretive, if you will. Both the president and the vice president, they don't like the press. And they particularly don't like people who might ask interesting questions or abrasive questions, or whatever.


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