Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where the *good* news lives :)

You might have noticed that this has been a very torture-news-heavy blog lately. Very important to pay attention to this stuff but it can really drain your soul sometimes. Do you need some good news? I know I do. Here's a small collection of places to check-oot:
  1. Katrina vanden Heuvel posts "Sweet Victories" stories on her blog at The Nation magazine. Her latest post concerns the strong WalMart blowback that's been a-long-time comin'.
  2. The guys over at Guerrilla News Network have a space devoted to good news: "The Good News Roundup." Their latest posts include "Namibia phasing out leaded fuel" and "Uzbekistan clears landmines from border."
  3. And if you're itching to do something or meet up with others of like-mind, check out the "What's Up" section at Don't worry: it's not all patchouli and poetry readings (although I'm sure there's plenty of that, too). Some examples from this week's listings: this is "Peace week" at the University of Toronto. Do you live in Calgary? Need some prezzies for the holidays? Check out the "Holiday Peace Craft Fair" next Saturday, 19 November (supports groups working for Social Justice). Are you in Halifax? 8PM Tonight: there's a townhall meeting on "Canada's new International Policy Statement" hosted by the Halifax Peace Coalition. Learn how you can give feedback to our government on "defence, diplomacy, development and commerce."


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