Monday, November 07, 2005

I don't get it, Jack

Did Harper taunt Layton into this decision? All that "chicken" talk? Here's what Harper had to say after Jack made his announcement:
It's the same soap opera. We will continue to assume that Mr. Layton is still bargaining with the Liberal government.
Even Duceppe said that Layton "has to make a move." If Harper & Duceppe want their G-D election, then fucking do it; stop blaming the NDP. I don't get it. Jack's gotta know that a Christmas election would bring no love. What was it about the Liberal health care proposal that didn't clear the NDP bar? Honestly, I still have no idea what happened here. As Maritime Liberal said, this is probably just Jack's way of distancing himself from the Liberals. That's all fine & dandy--but for f's sake, be careful, Jack! Look at all the treats* you were able to squeeze outta Martin, last spring. *treats=money for basic human & social services.


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