Sunday, December 18, 2005

Congratulations, Evo!

Evo Morales appears to have won Sunday's elections in Bolivia! BBC is reporting that Morales has 42-45% of the vote; his closest opponent clocks-in at 33-37% (former Pres. Quiroga).

This is huge: Morales is Bolivia's first indigenous leader and he provides a strong voice for the country's poor, indigenous majority. Here's an indication of how much hope people have in Evo (The Observer):
'We're desperate. He's the only one who can change this terrible economic model,' says miner Juan Mamani, 45.
'On 18 December we'll crush the traitors who have sold our resources and lied to the people. Morales is our brother and we trust him, but he should beware of not delivering on his promises,' says another miner, dynamite strapped to his helmet.
To correct Bolivia's innumerable wrongs, Morales has pledged to secure indigenous rights by rewriting the constitution in an assembly to convene next summer. 'Indians actively took part in Bolivia's independence in 1825, but were excluded from its foundation, and since then have been second-class citizens. We were condemned to extinction but managed to organise ourselves,' Morales tells The Observer at 4am at the regional coca farmers' headquarters in Cochabamba.
Morales wants to nationalise Bolivia's huge gas reserves, the continent's second largest after Venezuela, currently in the hands of multinational companies. 'We will renegotiate all contracts - they are illegal, since congress has never ratified them,' he says. 'The state will recover the property of its natural resources, but we are open to foreign investment in exchange for a share of the business.'


Blogger Gary said...

If Pat Robertson figures out where Bolivia is and is able to pronounce Senor Morals' name - he will probably request his assassination too.

Fortunately, I'm sure George Bush doesn't know where Bolivia is - he probably thinks it's a kind of holiday drink...

12/21/2005 11:46 PM  

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