Monday, June 05, 2006

Gettin' a grip

I honestly don't have much to add to the discussion re: 17 men arrested on suspicion of terrorist "activity" this weekend so I'll just take a moment to bloggolate my evolving reaction...

Saturday A.M.:
Huh? Are these the "homegrown" terrorists? What up?
[ up...more coffee...reading more news online...] Oh shite, "we" made the news in the States. Great. Here we go...

Saturday P.M.:
At least these are police arrests and not whisking-away-in-the-night affairs? Could this be a good example of how terrorism should be handled by law-enforcement and not hamfisted military tactics? Oh wait...depending on who you talk to, we may/may not be at war.
Haven't we seen this movie before? What about those poor guys arrested 'cuz of "Project Thread"? That was all BS! Could this be BS?!

Sunday A.M.:
Thomas Walkom makes me feel better: he doesn't come right out and call BS but rather for patience and reminds us all that we really don't know much of anything yet.
Later in the A.M.:
[...H&O makes mistake of watching Wolf "can we call this a crisis" Blitzer interview Condi Rice...]
*retch* Condi thinks Canada is "on the job" and deserves praise. Why does that make me so suspicious?!

Sunday P.M.:
Oy. It begins: vandalism of an Etobicoke mosque & harassment of children in a Mississauga mosque during Sunday school. This is ugly stuff...and it too makes international news.

Sunday P.M. 20 min ago:
I notice that Cathie from Canada has made a discovery...the fertilizer used in the RCMP press-conny was not the same stuff seized by the police. What are they doing? Prop comedy?!

As I said, I dunno what to feel yet. Let's hope that all of this gets plenty of sunshine and that the facts find the light of day. Oh, and to all you racist fucks harassing & vandalizing mosques: get a bloody grip!


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