Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Torture 'homework'

From Monday's WH presser:
Q I wanted to talk about the bill the President will sign tomorrow.
[WH press secretary Tony] SNOW: Yes.
Q It makes him a final arbiter on torture.
MR. SNOW: Right.
Q Does he have any guidelines, does he have any advisory group? And how will he know?
MR. SNOW: What I've actually -- Helen, in response to your question, I called White House legal counsel --
Q Can you repeat the question?
MR. SNOW: Yes, how will the President know when it's torture and when it's not, and avoid having torture.
Q And how will he approach these cases?
MR. SNOW: And how will he approach the cases.
The White House Office of Legal Counsel is actually putting together a paper so that -- I knew that this would come up. What they will do is help me describe to you, as accurately as possible. It's a very complex series of issues, but there are definitions that outline what constitutes torture, and I will be happy to share those. And I'll get them for you tomorrow.
Q When are you going to release those?
MR. SNOW: I'm not going to release it. I'll share it with you tomorrow. It's not like a formal release, it's just me trying to do my homework, and I don't have it done yet.
Your homework isn't done yet?! Hmm...maybe the dog ate it.
Oh, right...the dogs are for scaring the living piss out of prisoners. My mistake.
(H/t to Dan Froomkin over at WaPo)


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