Friday, January 12, 2007

Code Pink rep. flashes peace-sign at hearing

Update [Jan 12, 10:42PM]: I wanted to get a proper shot of the Code Pink activist, from Thursday's Sen. Foreign Relations Cmte. hearing (I missed most of her in my haste to get a live screenshot). I revisited the C-span page and captured the "act" for posterity. I know this seems a bit OCD but I really wanted to have a record of this:

Original post:

This is awesome! A representative of Code Pink flashed the peace-sign behind Condi's lyin-head today at the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. hearing on Iraq. It happened ~10:21am, Jan11 and aired on c-span3. I couldn't get a good screenshot in time, but if you look at the top-right-hand corner, you can see her leaving the frame (Pink coat!):


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