Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is way overdue, but I've posted my notes from last Tuesday's Ethics Committee Hearing. Yeah, yeah, I know...NINE days late!

Former Mulroney Chief of Staff Norman Spector presented himself to the Commons Ethics committee on February 5. I've annotated my notes and organized them into the following 5 sections:
  1. "Don't let this become Frank Magazine"
  2. What's a nice hack like you doing in a place like this?
  3. Brother, those ain't Girl Guides!
  4. Hey! You invited *me*!
  5. The return of Grumpy Old Tilson
Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice (1993-7) Allan Rock also presented himself to the Commons Ethics committee on February 5. My annotated notes are available in two parts:
  1. And the LANGUAGE that they used...
  2. But I *trusted* you, lyin' Brian!
I hope you find these notes useful, even just for future reference or research. Coming up next: I promise to post my notes from Feb 7 (testimony of Mulroney's Chef and Luc Lavoie). I've also recorded the Feb 12th hearings, and I've setup my recorder to cover the Valentine's Day Schreiber-hearing-blowout. Stay tuned!

Spector "Wall of Sound" postcard from


Blogger skdadl said...

I love the ending of Rock II, where Tilson gets all peevish with Szabo. Sounds just like a domestic spat -- "There you go again -- you don't luuuuuuv me any more!" (I know that's not what he said, but he might as well have.)

Great work, as always, Kitty.

2/14/2008 5:57 AM  

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