Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanksgiving leftovers: video edition

Just realized that I had amassed a bunch of video-clips over the long weekend...and I'd neglected to share them. Note that "QT" stands for Quicktime & WMP stands for "Windows Media Player."

1. Last Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher":
(a) a spoof commercial for "Mysterious" by Harriet Miers (QT only)
(b) round-table discussion with Andrew Sullivan, Ben Affleck & Salman Rushdie (QT only)
(c) "New Rules": definitely the funniest segment of the show. If you only watch one of these Real Time segments, you must watch the "New Rules!" (QT only here; download WMP or QT here).

2. SNL: The Miers Nomination; I feel so sorry for Rachel Dratch :(

3. War crime Smurf? The disturbing but effective UNICEF Belgie video that's been making the news, lately (it's in Flemmish).

4. All-too-teeny CTV interview ("E talk") with Jon Stewart, just prior to his 2nd Toronto performance. Note: this link is to the CTV Entertainment page; you can find the video link under "Watch Video"; if it expires, you can still read about Jon's visit to Canada in this print interview with CTV.

5. "The Nexus of Politics & Terror" with Countdown's Keith Olbermann. Whew! This is great stuff from Keith!

As always, thanks to Crooks & Liars, One Good Move, & Dissent for the great video-finds! You can find links to their main sites at the right-hand side of this blog. Show them some love :)


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