Thursday, October 13, 2005

International news: underbelly edition

While we're rightly worried about the continuing devastation & sadness in South Asia and people are buried in mud in Guatemala, I've noticed some other international news stories in my peripheral vision that might have slipped below the radar:
  1. U.S. blocks U.N. briefing on atrocities in Sudan (Yep, you guessed it: Bolton's workin his mojo again)
  2. Chavez hits U.S. where it hurts: oil & Jeebus. Venezuala switches to Euros and moves to expel American missionaries from his country.
  3. Bolivians struggle to gain a representative government; sneaky "redistricting" scheme would favour right-wing "neoliberal" candidates
  4. "Thugs" beat Chinese pro-democracy activists unconscious
  5. Genoa G8 summit (2001) protestors have their day in court in police brutality trial; the protesters were "allegedly beaten [again], sprayed with asphyxiating gas and forced to sing pro-Fascist songs."
  6. U.S. Millionaire to Run in Haiti, But Not Jean-Juste; "Dumarsais Simeus, owner of a Texas food services company, had been barred from the race because he is a U.S. citizen.” [...] "Another prominent candidate, jailed priest Gerard Jean-Juste remains out of the race."
  7. From the "wrong-side-of-the-Mediterranean": Heather Mallick discusses Turkey and the expansion of the EU (ok, this is a column & not strictly "news" but you gotta read Heather Mallick! Go! Read now! :)


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