Wednesday, October 12, 2005

X-treme northern exposure

Another great column by "Américain Égalitaire," Keith Gottschalk, on Today, Keith gives us his take on Canadian tourist pitches and contrasts them with their X-treme American counterparts. e.g. Alaska's tourism campaign is called "Alaska B4UDIE" and yet:

"Tour Yukon shows a breathtaking view of Canada's “true north” with many helpful links to planning your trip. And no mention of death, which is a nice touch."

...or Tourism Saskatchewan's campaign: "“Saskatchewan has a quiet stillness that invades your soul.” Okay, I'm not exactly comfortable with having my soul invaded but still, no mention of death or dying here."

I have a better ideer for Saskatchewan; just send them all free DVDs of Corner Gas. Oh, and a block-heater. If they don't know what that is, reassure'm that they'll figure it out come winter :)


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