Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Breaking: American TV Journo does his Job!

This is fabulous and waaaaay overdue: Chris Matthews finally puts l'Affaire Plame in proper context. It's about Iraq, dagnabbit, and it's about time someone said so on the teevee.

Thanks to dailykos.com for the heads up. You can download the interview in two parts from Marisa McNee's diary (right-click & save "Part I" & "Part II", at the end of her post). Alternatively, you can download the full interview from the good folks at Crooks & Liars. The transcript isn't yet available from the MSNBC website but I imagine it'll be uploaded soon.

Howard Fineman of Newsweek actually broke some news; he contends that there is an every-hack-for-himself atmosphere in the White House these days. No love lost between Card/Bartlett & Rove/Libby. Michael Wolff has a piece in the upcoming edition of Vanity Fair about the incredible, shrinking Cheney, but doesn't really "dish" on-air about it. I dunno if the article's available online just yet but I'll post an update if I can find it.

Michael Isikoff, Fineman's colleague at Newsweek, had a short update on the Leak investigation: "Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail"

And in Judy Miller land, we can only assume that St. Judy-full-of-crap is still tearing apart her house for pre-leak notes.

The Matthews/Hardball video clips are definitely worth watching, if you have the time. I'm no Matthews fan but he deserves credit for properly framing the Leak case. Hard as it may be for some of us to believe, there were a lot of well-meaning Americans who had the crap scared outta them with the "nucyoular" this and "mushroom cloud" that in late 2002/early 2003. In Rove's & Cheney's world, smearing Wilson wasn't just another day at the evil-office; it was an executive life-support operation.


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