Monday, October 10, 2005

Jonny goes to T.O.

Jon Stewart performed two shows at Toronto's Massey Hall, this weekend. I didn't see him but it looks like he attracted quite the crowd. Spotted in the front rows: Jack Layton, Olivia Chow, Bob Rae, and Stephen Lewis.

I wonder if anyone warned the NDP crew that Stewart's standup isn't the same as his Daily Show. Sure, he can still deliver the trenchant political stuff, but there's also some more....uh...puerile stuff too. As the Sun's Bill Brioux reports, I don't know how well our former UN Ambassador woulda felt about the "sex with a pinata" jokes :)

Other Daily Show 'business:'
  1. In case you missed it, Stewart appeared on the Letterman show last Thursday night. You can download the segment here, or watch the Quicktime movie directly, here.
  2. "Quick! Dial 9-11" video from Thursday night's Daily Show :)
  3. Stephen Colbert's new (Daily Show spinoff) show starts next week! I hope the Comedy Network carries it. Pretty-please!! WaPo's Howie Kurtz has an interview today and provides some hints at possible segments: "So Awful We Can't Bear to Show You," "Species That Are Screwing Up America," "Kindergarten Sobriety Test," and, "Stephen Debates 21-Year-Old Self."


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