Friday, October 07, 2005

The War on Wood

Mr. Martin went to Washington. Well, NewYork, really...Wall ST. It's aboot time.

He also appeared on CNN, yesterday, to appeal for sanity on the softwood lumber dispute. Martin was interviewed by (closet Canuck) Ali Velshi, of CityTV "fame."

Interesting, interesting...Martin even gave a wink & nod aboot the oil sitch-eation:

VELSHI: Canada has not been front and center on the American psyche in the last few years. Is energy the way to bring that back on the table so that Americans understand the importance of that relationship?

MARTIN: We are your number one supplier of energy. It may well be that people in the United States don't understand that. But I think we've got to go beyond that to the larger partnership. We have to have a partnership in the environment. One of the things I'm going to be talking about is drilling in the Arctic refuge. Just understand that that's going to bring in a very little amount of oil. It's going to damage the environment on the one hand. Whereas on the other hand, we're your largest single supplier and we're going to continue. We're not going to let the Americans down. But, we want to see that partnership work in the widest possible way.

Looks like Martin changed some minds while he was down there. Wall St. Journal minds. Let's not hold our breath, though. Doesn't look like they paid much attention to the ANWR part of the complaint. Still, it is good to keep in their collective face.


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