Friday, October 07, 2005

Lotta forgettin' goin on

Bizarre updates to the Plame/CIA leak case:

Anyone want to help Judy Miller find her notes? Apparently she forgot to turn over some notes to the grand jury, re: pillowtalk with Scooter Libby (VP Cheney's chief of staff). Thanks to Josh Marshall, for the tip.

Anyone want to help Rove jog his memory? Apparently he forgot to tell the Prez about his pillowtalk with Robert Novak (and Cooper, for that matter). Murray Waas continues to deliver the freshest goods on this story.

I love how Miller & the White House "forgot" to release these two updates to the media until Friday afternoon, when nobody's paying attn. Yep. Lotta forgettin.

Other Friday night one-cheek-sneak: tonight's WaPo caught another doozy
Timothy Flanigan, "The Bush administration's choice for deputy attorney general has withdrawn his nomination amid mounting questions from Senate Democrats over his dealings with indicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff and over his role in shaping controversial interrogation policies."


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