Thursday, October 20, 2005

Super terrific happy hour

A not-so-small collection of reasons to get outta bed in the morning:
  • TorStar's Antonia Zerbisias & her blog
  • Comedian Margaret Cho has a new book out (Buzzflash.comreview); her latest DVD, "Assasin" will be released on November 8th.
  • & where Canucks with big hearts can meet & have their say
  • The Onion: check out my favourite headline from this week'
  • The Little Britain Voice: a podcast devoted to "news" about the hilarious BBC show (read by a really 'luuded-out Liverputian. Actually, on second thought, just watch the show :)
  • Air America's Rachel Maddow; who else would tell you about Scooter Libby's dirty, dirty novel?
  • Unemployed? You, too, can get a job if you know the right people (link courtesy of Canada's own "The Skquib")
  • Tom Tomorrow comics (e.g. "The Very Bad Idea")
  • Video fun from Crooks & Liars: watch Bill O'Reilly call Jon Stewart a pinhead & then watch a good newsman do a little dance :)
  • Even more video fun from One Good Move: watch Letterman on monkeys-using-tools, watch a piece of Tuesday night's Colbert Report
  • Dave Chappelle videos: e.g. Wayne Brady after hours ("Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?")
  • Comedian Greg Behrendt (former room-mate of Janeane Garofalo!) has a new book: "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken"
  • Beautiful music: I had never heard of Regina Spektor before her appearance on Morning Sedition radio. Gorgeous stuff. Think Tori Amos + Sinead? Well, sorta like that.
  • Not-so-beautiful music: Burt Bacharach joins forces with hip hop's Dr. Dre
  • Hinterland Who's Who... online! Yes, those grainy videos from your childhood are available on the web. That annoying flute music sure takes you back, eh?
  • An anonymous refugee reminds us why we are so lucky to live here.


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