Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wave it like you just don't care

Yeah, yeah it's "Wrigleygate: parliamentary committee edition" and Dingwall took a page from the Chretien prop department. Watch Paul Hunter's CBC report from last night (Quicktime):

"Sir, I'll tell you, you wave that pack of gum around like you're proud of it. But you ain't going to Wrigley out of this one." — Conservative MP Brian Pallister to David Dingwall, who stepped down as president of the Royal Canadian Mint after being accused of misspending alleged to have included $1.29 for a pack of gum.

Hmmm...I see Dingwall likes Dentyne Ice too. Chef recommends! Honestly, I try to care about this flap but God help me, I just can't take it seriously. You want to make me care? Think it's a big deal? Stop talking aboot the gum! Thousands of dollars in car expenses will get me to do a double-take; ootrage over $1.29 in gum just reminds me that I've run outta the stuff, myself. Great product placement, Pallister.


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