Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bad cheese and Reverse up or downs

Man, I'm living in a cuckoo-clock. I'm only paying attention to the news on a half-mast basis these days, as I've been busy packing-up our apartment. This is what you catch when you're only 1/2 "there":

Do you like your judges "up" or "down" or "sloppy?" Tbogg caught a Republican senator's remarks on Judge Alito. I thought it was just another quote of hypocrisy but the punchline of this post totally caught me off-guard (I nearly spit out my drink!). Speaking of sex metaphors for judicial nominations, did anyone hear about CBS's John Roberts? Oh, J.D.'re not at Much Music anymore :)

CNN's Jack Cafferty endorses torture (for administrations who lie their country into phony-bologne wars): Aww, man this was beautiful (watch video at Crooks & Liars):
If it was necessary and if the threats were real, fine and dandy. But if they lied to us, if there was some kind of intent to deceive, then they ought to find out who did it and tear their fingernails out and then get rid of them.
Headline: Reporter actually remembers stuff that happened in the year 2003! Time magazine's Matt Cooper has a much better memory than Judith "Valerie Flame" Miller. In his piece, "What Scooter Libby and I Talked About":
I was wet, smelling of chlorine. It was July 12, 2003, in Washington, a beautiful summer day, and I had just come back from swimming. [...] On Aug. 23, I had a tuna sandwich and gave a deposition in [1st Amendment lawyer, Floyd] Abrams' Washington office about the conversation.
Finally, check out this bizarre-even-for-James-Carville moment:
CARVILLE: You know, there's a -- something smells in Denmark and it's not cheese. We've got to clean out the refrigerator and it's got to start with the president.
Prediction: Rove will start a whisper-campaign and blame the smell on Cooper's 2003 tuna sandwich. Federal tuna-shield law to follow.


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