Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Harper to Layton: Cockachokkacocka

I haven't written anything about the Gomery report today. I watched the pressers and Question Period on Tuesday but I was only 1/2 paying attention. I'm a bad kid. I really don't care about it anymore. As that guy in the Rick Mercer sketch said: "I should care but, so help me God, I can't." [March 1, 2004]

Not much of the report's findings came as a real surprise. Money scammed. Apologies made. Gomery hates Chretien. And here's the real shocker: Harper and Duceppe want an election. Actually, I gotta say that everything up to Question Period seemed pretty dignified, with one notable exception. In the midst of Harper's holier-than-thou talk, he actually accused Jack Layton of "chickening out" of bringing down the government. Harper went on to perform an "Arrested Development" calibre "chicken taunt" right there in the National Press Gallery. You know, honour and dignity and all that, eh?
Visit the show's main webpage; click "video" and select Ep. 210 to see what I mean :)


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