Monday, November 28, 2005

Ignatieff fall-oot

I think I've made my feelings about Ignatieff known so I won't use this post as yet another opportunity to decry (a) the occupation of Iraq or (b) torture. {Shorter Hope & Onions: Iraq war bad; torture bad.} It suffices to say that "Iggy" clearly has a lotta s'plainin to do before he'll endear himself to most Canadians.

Well, it looks like he's starting to respond to yesterday's demonstration outside the Etobicoke/ Lakeshore Federal Liberal Riding Association:
Ignatieff talks about the diversity of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore — which is heavily Ukrainian and Eastern European — and points out that he has taken his children to visit the sites where Ukrainian-Canadians were interned during World War I, and that his own ancestors are buried in Ukraine. But that may not be sufficient argument for those who are complaining that he is being parachuted into the riding.
My facile prediction: expect more stories and hand-on-heart remembrances of Ukrainians. Expect more fine-tooth-combing through Iggy's many books and articles. So what does Ignatieff want to accomplish, exactly? According to the Star:
The two issues he cares about most are bringing diversity into Canadian politics and national unity. Not just Quebec; the fractures and tensions can be seen across Canada. "The challenge is to fashion a new language of national unity," he said, adding, keeping the country together was the primary responsibility of the federal government.
Ok. I'll bite: What does he mean by "a new language of national unity?" As for "diversity," isn't Ignatieff a middle-age white dude? Of course he is...but it seems an odd thing for him to drop "diversity" in the middle of an interview about his own candidacy.

Wait: before you go, Mike, can't we pleeeeease have a bit of your signature fake-modesty? Oop...wait for it...wait for it:
"I'm succeeding a popular MP, an MP who's been an icon to her community, an MP with a tremendous rapport in her riding," he said. "Who the hell am I?"


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