Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Big Blue Enema

Forgive me: when things get desperate, I always go for the poo analogies.

And things are getting desperate. Everytime I catch a bit of Newsworld, they're already talking about Harper as though he's PM. And he hasn't even had his "go" on the Mansbridge Townhall ("Your Turn")!

The call-in-shows are the worst. All those well meaning souls vowing to "throw the bums out" and "we need a change". Very New Year's Resolution-y. Like the great Red Detox or Fast. One problem with that folks: while you're purging yourselves of 'arrogant' or 'corrupt' Liberal people ("toxins") you're also losing essential programs and hard-fought--albeit NDP coaxed--money for First Nations people, students, seniors and foreign-aid ("nutrients").

No, things weren't great but the Liberal minority government was a good thing. Look at our country: and tell me that a Harper PM really tells you where Canada's "at" right now. I'm no party-loyalist. I vote NDP when it's safe and occasionally resort to c*ck-blocking the conservatives when "I have to." Until we get proportional-representation or single-transferable voting then I feel I have to take this approach. As it happens, I just moved to one of the safest NDP ridings in the province (Hamilton-Centre). Harper won't get sweet F.A. here.

People want to "send a message" and indicate their displeasure with the Liberals. But for fucking Gomery? Really?! That's it? I'm at least 1000X more pissed about security certificates, possible complicity in rendition (Maher Arar anyone?!) and the erosion of our social programs. Still, on these files Harper would be worse not better.

So...everyone's unhappy. I'm unhappy. You're unhappy. Overall, though...we can live with a LIb/NDP coalition. We can't live with a HarperConCo. Come next year, we will find ourselves thinner, yes, but also vastly depleted of some very important things. Which brings me back to the poo. Whatever damage you feel our government's done to this country, don't take that Big Blue Enema.


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