Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ka-BLOG Day 2: Gifts that help women beat the odds

It's Day 2 of the 16 Days campaign & Takebackthetech. Here's my modest suggestion for improving the lives of women using technology: Go shopping online!

Ok, not just any old shopping. I humbly present the following two gift-ideas:
  1. Global Exchange and The Women's Funding Network: Women Around the World Gift Basket "...a collection of gifts made by women around the world, benefitting women around the world. U.S. Women Without Borders is a campaign aimed at ending violence towards women & girls worldwide."
  2. Oxfam Unwrapped: In addition to buying livestock (goats, chickens, even camels), Oxfam also makes it easy to contribute towards training rural women: "Not only have the women involved been able to improve their incomes but they’ve also gained more respect in their communities. Participants in the program told us that they now have money to spend on food, school-fees for their children and are also investing money for when times are difficult. They report speaking up more in public meetings and that this new assertiveness is changing how they are viewed at home and in the community."

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