Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Take back the tech: Nov 25-Dec 10

This looks really promising and innovative:

From takebackthetech.net:
What is the campaign about?
It is simply a call for every person-- women and men, who uses online communications (ICTs), e.g. for chatting, emailing, blogging, doing websites or developing tools, to use ICTs for activism against VAW (violence against women) for 16 days.

Primarily, we are asking women and grrls to "Take Back The Tech!" But you don't have to be female to disagree with violence faced by women and be part of the campaign to transform gender relations. Unequal power relations lie at the heart of VAW, and this is apparent from the
streets to online spaces. So we're now saying technology should be used for equality, not to perpetuate violence.

The question is, how? This is where you come in with what you know and come up with answers.
Thanks to Politics'nPoetry for the tip!

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Anonymous Berlynn said...

It does look like a good campaign, doesn't it? And thanks for the link.

11/14/2006 12:00 PM  

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