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Ka-BLOG Day 8: Around the world in 30 links

Today is Day 8* of the 16 Days campaign & Take Back the Tech. I've spent a lot of time this past week visiting news-sites from around the world & learning how others have chosen to voice their protest against gender-based violence. From coffins in New Zealand, to keys in Israel , I think you'll find that people have found all manner of ways to take action & communicate their feelings about VAW. The list is presented in alphabetical order (by country):
  1. ARGENTINA: Women Have a New Tool against Discrimination [ (Argentina)]
  2. Shoes speak in the fight against violence towards women [, Australia]
  3. Legislation in Azerbaijan Fully Defines Punishment for Domestic Violence against Women – Azeri Justice Ministry Envoy [Trend (Azerbaijan & South Caucasus)]
  4. 68,660 Women repression incidents occurred in 5yrs [The Daily Star (Bangladesh)]
  5. Activists launch campaign against violence [Channel 5 (Belize)]
  6. Today is for awareness [Toronto Star (Canada)]
  7. CHILE’S WOMEN STILL FACE VIOLENCE: Nation Celebrates International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women [The Santiago Times (Chile)]
  8. Action demanded to stop violence against women [China Daily (China)]
  9. No Violence Against Women Day was commemorated yesterday [Dominican Today (Dominican Republic)]
  10. We're feminists and proud of it [The East African]
  11. Women to march against violence [Kolkata Newsline (India)]
  12. WAD campaign against crime on women begins [E-PAO (India)]
  13. Europe campaigns to end violence against women [Irish Examiner (Ireland)]
  14. Tel Aviv women: More angry than scared [The Jerusalem Post (Israel)]
  15. Amnesty calls for end to violence against women: "The Key to Her Freedom is in Your Hands." [The Jerusalem Post (Israel)]
  16. Tackling violence against women [Jamaica Gleaner]
  17. Feminism's New Faces [The Korea Times]
  18. Counselling centres help abused Moroccan women break their silence [ (Morocco)]
  19. Not a minute more: Ending violence against women [ (Nepal)]
  20. Coffin carries message about violence [The Northern Advocate (New Zealand)]
  21. Violence against women [The News (Pakistan)]
  22. Peruvian women march against domestic violence [ (Peru)]
  23. Women in Zamboanga call for end to violence against women [Minda News (Philippines)]
  24. Senegal: Raising the profile of abuse [ (Senegal)]
  25. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Ministry honours activists [Seychelles Nation Online]
  26. One Man Can Campaign Toolkit Launched: resource to support South African men to take action to end violence against women [Cape Gateway (South Africa)]
  27. Adiós to the Little Red Man: While the street signs are feminised in Madrid province, Granada towns are tackling gender violence in society [The Olive Press (Spain)]
  28. Sri Lanka marks International Day for Prevention of Violence against women [Colombo Page (Sri Lanka)]
  29. The new feminists [The Guardian (UK)]
  30. More than a few good men: a lecture on american manhood and violence against women [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Indiana, USA)]

**This post is very late--it's officially Day 9 by now!

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Blogger jennifletzet said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post. This is a really EXCELLENT idea - finding relevant articles and blogs from all over the world - and I've only had a look at a few of them so far, but I intend to look at each and every one of them. I'm also blogging for the Ka-Blog blogathon and I wondered if you'd mind if I did something similar on my blog (please tell me if you DO mind - I absolutely don't want to step on your toes) - I would of course credit you with the idea and link my post to your blog - it's just such an innovative and orginal idea... Maybe I'd try to cover countries that you didn't - although you did a really thorough job!

12/04/2006 4:47 PM  
Blogger Godammitkitty said...

Welcome Jennifletzet! I'm still blushing from your nice comments :)

Of course you're more than welcome to use the same/similar idea on your blog--no credit is necessary! I'm just happy that people are visiting the Ka-BLOGGers! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's Takebackthetech posts (including yours!).

Thanks for visiting! Best wishes, GDK

12/04/2006 9:43 PM  
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